The SYBASoil Plant Identifyer

  • 1. Take a picture of your plant

    Try to get a picture in clear light where the leaves are fully visible. You can either upload an image from your desktop/phone or take one directly from your phone.

  • 2. Our AI Technologies will find the best mix

    Due to pattern recognition software we are able to detect the plant with up to 98% accuracy. Based on the plant name we recommend the best mix.

  • 3. Happy plants!

    Give your plants the soil they deserve and benefit from increased root growth, perfect soil structure, the right amount of organic nutrients & a peat-free mix.

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What other plant lovers asked

I can't seem to find my plant

try a shorter version of the name (i.e. Ceropegia Woodii Variegata > Ceropegia Woodii).

Also try the scientific name if you know it, or simply search for the Genus.

Still can't figure it out? Get in contact with a picture using the form below!

I have a variegated version of a listed plant that isn't listed, can I use the same soil?

Short answer: Yes!

Long answer: While the soil can stay the same, you should take note of other plant-care aspects.

  1. Light: Variegated plants need more light than their non-variegated counterparts due to their lower chlorophyll content.
  2. Nutrients: Ensure regular feeding as variegated plants may benefit from slightly richer soil or more frequent fertilization. (Most of our mixes are quite nutrient rich, start looking for nutrient deficiences after 4-5 months of being in our soil for variegated plants).
  3. Watering: Be cautious with watering; variegated plants can be more sensitive to overwatering due to their slower growth rate.

Why are there plants in the list that are not houseplants?

We got asked for advice for these plants before, so we figured we would add them with our advice.

While we do our best to provide the best advice possible, no rights can be taken from the use and or advise of this tool.

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Not a plant / not a good picture (ONLY SHOW IF NO RESULT)

To get the best results, make sure your picture is:
- sharp and focussed,
- with one organ (leaf, stem, flower, fruit e.t.c.)
- Natural or neutral background
- No fingers / hands
- No screenshots of a computer

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